All You Need To Know Right Now (FRAC Aquitaine collection) selected for the exhibition Moving Not Moving @ Galerie Laurence Bernhard, Geneva. 19.03 – 07.05, curated by Audrey Teichmann.

All you need to know right now 2001 still image from video

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Composed from geographical, temporal, sociological, metaphorical, imaginary travels, from the question of standard and the possibility to keep distance from it, Moving not Moving accepts the eventuallity of inertia or rush. Places and contexts, postures and potentialities, stops and routes, form a moving geography whose theoretical restriction cannot resist intimate will. The planned ambiguity of the word “moving”, which suggests movement as much as emotion, brings the planned obsolescence of the place and time of the exhibition together with the ability of the artist, the audience, the curator, to find a way around them. Connections to previous installations, ongoing or forthcoming actions form a path between the past and potential futures of the exhibit — an orthonormal grid which everyone is welcome to stray from.

Audrey Teichmann